About Us

Welcome to The TREW CREW 🖤 We’re so excited you're here!

Trew Love opened online in late 2020 out of Emily's guest room in her home. The name comes from Emily & her 3 friend's eldest born children. (T)aylor (R)iver (E)llis (W)alker. It also is a symbol for God's unwavering TREW LOVE for us.

The company started as a children's boutique & then quickly transitioned into women's clothing - a dream was born and we've never looked back!

Emily, the Creator & Co-Owner of Trew Love has a passion for helping people become their best from the inside out. She's always had a big love for fashion and the beauty industry. She is very business minded and loves all things organized and structured. Emily is a wife and a mom to two girls. She loves working, shopping, and spending time with her family.

Karissa, the other Co-Owner of Trew Love joined the company in 2022 & single handedly brought our kids line - Trew Love TOTS - to life. She has the best eye, the most creative mind, and keeps the business full of light! Karissa is a wife and a mom to a boy and a girl. She loves fashion, music, crafting, her family, and all things neutral.

Emily & Karissa also co-own a Hair Salon together. With each of their primary careers being Hairstylists, they know how important it is for each person to carry their own sense of style.

TL is a mama owned company that strives to help women and children look and feel their best in everyday life. 
Our focus is to guide each of you to feel CONFIDENT, UNIQUE, and TRUEST version of yourself!

This company was created with fun, boldness, and lots of heart in mind and we hope you always feel that here 💗

We can't thank you enough for the support and the growth you've given us - none of this would be possible without our amazing customers/friends!

Let’s TREWLY love ourselves and TREWLY love each other! 

We Got You Covered - Literally.

 🖤 Emily & Karissa